The time at which something is most successful or powerful.

Access, Amplify and Accelerate

your human potential through developing a connection with your Spirit

in this One on One, YOU focused, Spiritual Mentoring relationship.














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"I hope everyone could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it's not the answer"

Jim Carrey

You have arrived at your destination and every risk, every decision, all the sacrifice has finally paid off. Your achievements are impressive and you know you earnt it all... the luxury, the choices, the freedom. It is all YOU.

Yet, there's something missing.

Despite your rare, entrepreneurial attributes providing you with the blessings others admire and aspire to, you have found yourself almost overnight, acutely aware of a restlessness that is living inside of you.

And, for the first time, YOU can't figure it out.

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What is it that you are missing?

'It' is within you. Let me show you how to find it.

Over the past 20 years I have been fortunate to be in the same room as some of the most financially wealthy people in the world and some of the most financially challenged and desperate people in the world. 

I have witnessed multi-million dollar deals done in rooms where this is standard and I have witnessed people who have nothing give everything in rooms where this is also standard.

Over the past 20 years I have been blessed to be in the same room as some of the most connected, loved people in the world and some of the most lonely and disconnected people in the world.

I've been in the same room as some of the most vital, optimistic people in the world and some who literally have days left to live physically, emotionally or mentally.

What is extraordinary is that often it was all happening in the same one room, at the same time. And, what is even more remarkable to me is that, if you look close enough, the people have many things in common... energy, time, choice, perception. It's how they are using these that creates the differences.

But, you knew that.

What if I brought your attention to something else that every one of these people have in common, that you and I share too?

Something that many people fail to recognise.

The something that put me in those rooms.

The 'it'.



We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

When your human experience is lacking, you are disconnected from your Spirit.

When YOU are connected to your Spirit


 use energy, time, choices and perception the way YOU have

YOU access the secret of

Alignment with your Highest Good.

You access the ease and grace of Divine Time and Divine Order.

You amplify who you are - your essence, your unique Spirit.

You accelerate the attraction of what and who is for your Highest Good.

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You don't need an Eat Pray Love epiphany...

You just need to honour your Spirit every day. 


It was your Spirit that led you here, honour it.


ZENITH was designed for YOU. It exists because of you.

The you who thrives on getting it done because you know you can, because you must.

ZENITH will challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before.

I will challenge you time and time again. You have met your match.

With as much science as spirituality ZENITH will take you to the most powerful parts of you and blow your mind over and over, and over again.

ZENITH is a new level for the elite.

Stop wasting time and come with me as I guide you to your full human potential...


Spiritual coaching with Tracey has been an awakening development. Tracey doesn’t hold back and will identify and assess roadblocks then provide you with tools to execute strategies that will have you flowing like never before. 


George Bancs

Tech Entrepreneur & Blue Ocean Strategist

ZENITH member


Never have I experienced such radical change,  in such a short space of time. And never have I felt such deep, cellular change. I am eternally grateful for Tracey and the work she does. You don't even see the challenges coming, but when they do, Tracey helps you unwrap them and decipher them in a safe and supported way.  

Melissa Stephenson

Hospitality Creative Director & Owner 


ZENITH member

Tracey Dimech is one of Australia’s most trusted and sought-after spiritual mentors and psychic mediums. As a mentor, author of Who the F*ck Am I?, healer and spiritual teacher, she is dedicated to guiding others in embracing their authentic, spiritual self to access an extraordinary life.

A thought-leader and tender teacher, Tracey is at the forefront of Australia’s wellbeing revolution.

Featuring in The Daily Mail, OK Magazine, Marie Claire and Lorna Jane,

Tracey impresses and inspires with her spiritual insight, passion and ambitious courage.


She has studied and worked with Tony Robbins and Gabby Bernstein.

Connected and committed, Tracey is your secret weapon to fulfillment.