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Medium & Spiritual Alignment Sage

About Tracey

Tracey Dimech is an Australian Medium, Psychic and Spiritual Alignment Mentor and can't remember a time when she couldn't communicate with Spirit. Through the combination of her undeniable connection to the afterlife, psychic abilities, personal experiences, old soul vibe and passion to serve others on a deeper authentic level, Tracey is able to bring an unparalleled level of guidance and support to all of her clients.

Her desire to reconnect her clients with lost loved ones to bring comfort, closure and peace comes from a place of genuine compassion and authenticity. Spend time with Tracey and you will see that her connection to the afterlife is undeniable.

Speaking always from experience and never with judgement, Tracey has the ability to very quickly understand the source of one’s suffering in any area of life, guide them through the process of healing and bring them in to alignment with their Higher Self - opening them up to life’s abundance which is always waiting. Holding space for all of those who choose her to be a Mentor, she loves witnessing the uniqueness of each soul as it aligns and prospers.

It is Tracey’s intention to fulfil her higher purpose in this life time, by passing on the messages from the other side that those who walk this earth so desperately seek. Providing clarity, understanding and insight into all aspects of a person’s life, allowing them to feel in control, confident and inspired to move forward on their journey.

Tracey considers it a privilege and a pleasure to read for anyone who is ready for whatever may come up...