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You Are Worthy

Access and Amplify your Authentic Self with this

Spirit Alignment Mentoring Relationship.


Are you tired of self-sabotage? 

Most of us do it and most of us know we are doing it. It has something to do with our self worth and if only we could find a way to believe we are worthy and deserve what we want, then things would be perfect! 

How quick has time gone?


Isn't it scary to think that the times when you felt you could do anything, be anything and go anywhere have passed you by.

It's even more sobering to look at yourself today and realise that you never actually went anywhere  or did anything or even became something that can bring you fulfillment everyday.

Maybe you did, but those times are gone.

Life has definitely happened and you've definitely lived it. The trials and the triumphs. The love and the loss.


Regardless of the past and how fulfilled you feel about it, there is one thing that you may have come to realise...

Is this it?

Did you know that the quality of your life is determined by your self worth?

Maybe you grew up in a home that had no money and therefore identify with a scarcity mindset that sets the standard for your financial worth?

Perhaps you were told growing up that you weren't smart enough, or strong enough, or creative enough, or pretty enough and therefore identify with low self esteem and confidence that set the standard for your achievement worth?

Experiencing neglect and trauma growing up can leave you to identify with heath and wellbeing worth, not to mention relationship worth.

Or maybe, you grew up in the most nurturing and supportive household one could ever hope for and you feel guilty for your lack of self worth.

Self Worth is everything and it will determine if 'this is it' for you.


Did you know that the stories you tell yourself determine your self worth?

I of all people know exactly what it is to be at the ransom of my self worth.

I know it so well that I wrote a book about it!

For most of my life until relatively recently, I lived by the stories I told myself, the stories others told me about myself and the stories that had been validated along the way. Stories of trauma, abuse, rejection and addiction. There was no real awareness that I was living like this until the Universe decided that I had spent long enough wasting time and decided to intervene with a combination of mental, physical and emotional suffering that left me nowhere to run or hide.

There was no choice.

Having always identified as being 'connected' to the higher realms and to the Universe's ways, embracing this was the

only viable option. So I did.

What I learnt along the way is that everything, all the stories, all the trauma, all of it had happened and was still happening FOR ME. NOT TO ME.

In this awareness came the grace to feel worthy.

Worthy of everything and anything.

I now live an unapologetic and authentic life of abundance in all areas.

Eventually, I gave up my career and made the grand gesture of serving others by holding space

and guiding them in their time of reckoning. 

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IMAGINE day dreaming again and feeling that it's possible

IMAGINE feeling so pulled to do something and realising there is nothing stopping you

IMAGINE who you could inspire

Many people think they need to learn to connect to their Spirit Guides to receive spiritual and intuitive guidance.

They spend time, money and energy trying to learn how.

You see, what most of those people don't understand is that we are all spiritual beings having a

human experience and we are here to be human so we can evolve our spirit.

Spirit never leaves us. We move.

Spirit Alignment Mentoring is bringing your human self back into alignment with your Spirit

so you can begin to receive the guidance you so desperately seek.

It's confronting and it will call you to be more vulnerable than ever before.

It will challenge you from the first session all they way until the last.

It will blow your mind time and time again.

And it will work,


Spirit Alignment Mentoring

5 x 60 minute 1:1 Zoom sessions


$1,499.00 AUD

Access the extraordinary with Tracey.

Throughout your intimate one-on-one sessions, you will:

  • Discover root issues

  • Identify Identify self-sabotage

  • Connect with your higher self

  • ​Develop a relationship with your spirituality

  • ​Reveal your most authentic ‘you’

  • ​Release trauma and embrace healing

  • Identify and create sacred spaces

  • Engage in spiritual meditation

  • ​Apply the authenticity triad method to all facets of life

  • ​Practice manifesting

  • ​Use your intuition

  • ​Learn to prepare your energy, rather than recover it

  • ​Assess your spiritual health with daily energy stocktakes 

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Tracey is more than a spiritual mentor - she helps others become alive again.

She is a master of her craft, offering warmth, support, insight, compassion and kindness to others. Tracey helps put people back together again – and in the most spiritual, beautiful and uplifting way! She guides and supports us as we navigate life’s ups and downs, helping us find the courage to love, believe in and embrace our best self.


Tracey is one hell of an inspiring lady.

I have learnt so much from Tracey, with so many “ah ha” moments!

She’s a generous, compassionate teacher who is happy to share her gifts and knowledge.

With Tracey, we can learn to trust and value our spirit - becoming better, happier versions of ourselves.


It's time to show up for yourself too.

Your Mentor

Tracey Dimech is one of Australia’s most trusted and sought-after Psychic Mediums. As a mentor, author of the best seller Who The F*ck Am I?, healer and spiritual teacher, she is dedicated to guiding others in embracing their authentic, spiritual self.

A thought-leader and tender teacher, Tracey is at the forefront of Australia’s wellbeing evolution. Featuring in The Daily Mail, OK Magazine, Marie Claire and Lorna Jane, Tracey impresses and inspires with her spiritual insight.


Tracey’s extraordinary journey uniquely equips her to support all walks of life. In conquering her struggles with depression, addiction, grief, auto-immune issues and family challenges, Tracey discovered her ability to heal herself – and her passion to heal others. She has studied with Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein and Dr Joe Dispenza, developing her natural gifts to lead clients to comfort, closure and peace in their spirit.

Connected and committed, Tracey uplifts clients with her genuine care and psychic ability. From soul lessons to releasing trauma, she guides clients from contraction to expansion. With a nurturing heart – and no nonsense – she empowers every client to achieve their full potential.

Spirit Alignment Monthly Membership


Monthly LIVE Expansion Sessions

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A $99/Month Membership, exclusive to those who have read

Who The F*ck Am I?  and those who have been mentored by Tracey 1:1.