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Psychic Self

Psychic Development course without the 'woo-woo', delivered online.

On your own time and At your own pace.

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The world of psychics and mystics has come a long way since the invention of the internet and social media. It's rare that ancient wisdom is passed down through generations of ritual and sacred text, like Grimoires once were. Grimoires held the 'magic'.

In many ways we are blessed to have an abundance of information ready at our fingertips.

But in other ways this creates a sense of overwhelm, a sense of not knowing where to start, how to start and what to start, especially if we weren't born in to a family that shares this kinda thing.

We buy the books, listen to the podcasts and audiobooks. We even learn a thing or two. 

Honestly though, how much of it sticks? How much of it applies to your reality and is practical? How much of it do you feel like you really know.

There are also many hidden challenges along the way. There is a lot of misinformation out there in the world on psychic abilities, a lot of unethical practices, and a LOT of people in it for themselves. 

It wasn't until my late 20's when as a Mum, I discovered my second son was also blessed with the same heightened abilities and my husband Matt, sufficiently freaked, deemed 'something had to be done!'

Being born with very strong psychic and mediumship abilities left me feeling very misunderstood for most of my early life. I spent hours upon hours researching anything I could get my hands on, seeking answers and validation. Conversations about these things just weren't a thing and I was flying blind.

It wasn't until my late 20's when as a Mum, I discovered my second son was also blessed with the same heightened abilities and my Husband, sufficiently freaked, deemed something had to be done! 

And so began my journey with a Mentor and studying to not only develop but organise my psychic self.

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IMAGINE not needing to wonder anymore if you are 'going crazy' or feeling things that you know aren't yours but consume you anyway.

IMAGINE being able to turn it 'on and off'

so you can have a life!

IMAGINE being able to live life with more grace and ease because you know how to use your abilities to assist you in this human experience.


psychic development course

 This psychic development course is a lifetime of learning, understanding, developing and teaching all that one needs in order to feel connected, validated, understood and safe,

It's delivered in bite size lessons that you can lean in to at your own pace and a structure that builds on itself so you have the foundations and feel grounded as you move through it.

It's taken over a decade to have the confidence and knowledge that I have now about psychic abilities and mediumship. It's cost $1000's too! I've sacrificed time with my children and taken many wrong turns along the way. Coming out of 'the psychic closet' was an interesting time and owning this giant part of who I am has cost me in ways I can't describe. 

However, it has brought me so much more! 

That's why I started teaching and it's why I knew I needed to create something that was accessible to anyone, at anytime, from anywhere. The compulsion I had for it to be for who I once was has been my intention along the way.

WHAT you will learn...





Spiritual Guides



Psychic Abilities










Oracle Cards






Psychic Code



Psychic Life




Coming out of the

Psychic Closet

Sacred Rituals

Sacred Authenticity

HOW you will learn...


PDF Worksheets


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Online Video Course only



Online Video Course


5 x 1:1 Zoom sessions with Tracey


So, if YOU are:

  • Overwhelmed with all the shiny and pretty things out there

  • Nervous about who to trust

  • Get lost in the jargon

  • Feel anxious about investing in something so esoteric

  • Are intimidated by learning new things

  • Want honest and simple step by step instructions

  • Are curious, intrigued and even a little excited about the possibilities; AND

  • Know that you are not crazy; then...

This course was made FOR YOU. 


Your Teacher

Tracey Dimech is one of Australia’s most trusted and sought-after Psychic Mediums and Spiritual teachers. Born with developed abilities she has spent her life trying to uncomplicate and demystify the world of the Psychic Medium, seeking to be understood.

A thought-leader, author and tender teacher, Tracey is at the forefront of Australia’s wellbeing evolution. Featuring in The Daily Mail, OK Magazine, Marie Claire and Lorna Jane, Tracey impresses and inspires with her spiritual insight.

Her passion for helping others on their path of discovering their psychic selves and giving them the confidence to embrace all that they are has earnt her the reputation as a genuine and generous, authentic guide