DIAMOND: Includes 5 x one hour 1:1 Zoom sessions with Tracey


Finally, a one stop for you to loose the overwhelm when it comes to your psychic abilities and how to understand and develop them!


In this online video course you will become confident in who you are and where you are at. You will discover exactly how to do all the things that seem beyond you right now, like connect with your Spirit Guides and know what they are telling you.


Broken down in to Modules and with PDF's for you to print and follow, this is the most comprehensive psychic development program Tracey has created. You can move through it at your own pace and focus on what you want, when you want. 


Module 1: Fundamentals

Module 2: Psychic Abilities

Module 3: Modalities

Module 4: Psychic Integrity

Module 5: A Psychic Life


This is the time to finally embrace your psychic self and live confidently connected.

DIAMOND Development

GST Included