Why is it important to protect your energy?

Why is it important to protect your energy? What is energy protection?

It is important to protect your energy because our energy is exposed at all times.

We as humans actually have many energetic bodies. It's not just our physical presence but our emotional and mental body.

Our human body has an aura and there’s a layer of energy that spins around all the way around it. This energy is really important to care for because of the toxicity that surrounds us.

But how do we protect our energy? It is actually simple and we have the following elements that can help us: 🔥 Fire (Sun or Light) 💦 Water

Earth (Crystals) 🌬 Air

When you protect yourself, you're not stopping the potential for your spiritual realms to contact you. They're going to see your light shine brighter. ❤️️

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