Which Psychic Ability Is It?

There are Four Main Psychic Abilities.

1. Clairvoyance

Clear Vision/Clear Seeing. And this is done in two ways.

✨ We will see visions, memories, movies, or still shots inside our minds, like memories playing out. But we know that it's not ours, sometimes it actually might be. The information that the source is trying to give us is related to the thing that we're seeing that we know what is.

✨ Being able to see externally with the human eye. It is where we can see apparitions and hallucinations that aren't really there for everyone else to see. We can see them from an external perspective.

2. Clairaudience

It is Clear hearing. This ability is the one that most people tend to be a little bit shy about. When we hear beings, we think we're going crazy, but this psychic ability is simply being able to hear things internally and externally. The people around us can't actually hear it because it's not actually an audible sound that is manifesting.


It is Clear Knowing. When we just know things. We just knew that was going to be someone who called us on the other side of the phone, we just knew that we were going to get a flat tire today, we just knew that someone was pregnant, or we just knew something that we shouldn't logically know. Now, this could be given to us via an external source that we know of like a spirit who has crossed over or a spiritual guide, or it can simply be something that we pick up from other humans.


It is Clear Feeling. This is where we are able to feel things that aren't ours. And we may be able to feel them internally. We have a feeling like we just feel inside us that something bad or good is going to happen. We can also feel externally like we feel we've been touched or tapped or our hair is being played with or we feel tingles.

Two lesser-known Psychic Abilities:

5. Clairgustance

This is Clear taste. We can taste things that we're not eating.

6. Clairolfactance

This is Clear Smell. Occasionally, we can receive information via smell where we might be smelling cigarette smoke, or perfume, or food that is not actually here to be able to smell it.

These six abilities are amazing ways to be able to understand your journey and the journey of others.

Which Psychic Abilities do you think you might have?

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