What is Intuition

What is Intuition?

Intuition very simply is a language.

It is the language of the spiritual realms, including your loved ones in Spirit, deities like Angels, Gods, Goddesses and the Ascended Masters and, of course your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self essentially being the conscious part of you that is aware of your Soul and other spiritual beings.

It is a language with different dialects. Much like other languages human use around the world like Spanish and its 10 known varieties or dialects. Things link pronunciation and vocabulary can be vastly different between each of the dialects.

Intuition has 6 known dialects – or what we call psychic abilities.

These are:

Clairaudience – Clear Auditory (or Hearing)

Clairvoyance – Clear Vision (or Seeing)

Clairsentience – Clear Sensing (or Feeling)

Claircognizance – Clear Cognizant (or Knowing)

Clairgustance – Clear Gustation (or Clear Taste)

Clairolfactance – Clear Olfactory (or Clear Smell)

Each of these dialects of Intuition, impress very differently and separately upon us humans.

It’s becoming fluent in each of these dialects that allows for a true Intuitive led life however, being fluent in at least one of these dialects of intuition can be extremely helpful as you move through life.

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