What is Cleansing? Why is it important?

What is Cleansing? Why is it important? Imagine a bucket under a drip from the roof, the ceiling is leaking. Slowly, the water drips from the ceiling into the bucket. The bucket is going to overflow. What happens when it overflows? It will make a mess. It becomes heavy to lift. The bucket overflowing with water will be a problem also, not just the leak in the roof. Cleansing your energy is very similar. If you are the bucket, energy is dripping into you. The energy could be your work/career, people around you like family and friends, events or situations that are happening around you. Eventually, your “bucket” becomes full. You're going to either empty, clean, or get a new bucket. Ultimately, you can't keep the bucket sitting there without doing anything about it. Think about taking yourself out into the world. You collect more energy every time you are out there. Then think about taking the energy from the previous day over to the next day. Or the next day. How long have you been doing that thought already? How long have you been holding on to the energy around you? What does that look like for you? Maybe it has resulted in overwhelm and anxiety.

You can simply fix this by cleansing your energy. And how do you cleanse your energy?

These are the elements that we can use for cleansing our energy 1. Water. Nearly every single one of you at some point will have a bath or shower. When you are in the shower, say out loud “Wash away what's not mine. Wash away what no longer serves me”. Then take a deep breath and visualize making sure this cleansing works.

2. Fire and Air. Light a sage smudge stick and say out loud “Please cleanse this space of any energy that is not for the highest good”

3. Crystals. They are great at cleansing spaces.

4. Moon. An excellent cleanser so set your intentions on a Full Moon to cleanse yourself of things that don't serve you

5. Earthing. Cleansing your body of free radicals

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