What does "love and light" mean?

What does ‘love and light mean’?

When you send someone love and light, what we mean by that, essentially, is that in all of their darkness, in all of their ego, in all of their struggles and their resistance in their life, you hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

To find that light at the end of the tunnel, we usually have to love ourselves.

Love is a feeling. It's a vibration, it has a frequency ❤️️

If I look at the frequency of love, it is something that we get to experience on Earth as humans.

But when we pass away over into the spiritual realm. We go back into our spiritual being, all that exists, all that is there, in the spiritual realms is love. It vibrates at a really high frequency. That is, it's like a blissful version of love. It's almost indescribable because it is this frequency that just vibrates at the highest possible. True love is when we cross over.

Another thing to think about is that light cannot exist without dark, we would not know light if we didn't have the contrast of darkness or shadow.

Think about the people that are struggling. Consider the person's darkness that they're going through. Send them love and light

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