The Medium

“I work for both sides -Serving the human and honoring the Spirits” Something about what I do in terms of being a full-time psychic medium is that I am aware of the fact that my job isn't just for humans, but it's for the spiritual realms as well. As a medium, I feel that I am literally a mediator between the two worlds, an advocate for both sides.

I have a deep, indescribable respect for my relationship with Spirit and even though the human has scheduled the session, I know Spirit has brought them to me. Despite what the human may say, I will always have faith in the Spirit over the human’s ‘truth’. My task is to be the messenger and deliver it in a way that the human can hear, serving them and honouring Spirit’s wisdom.

And as I've gotten older and matured, and getting more experienced, in my years of being a professional, psychic medium, I've become more faithful and unwavering in my own interpretation.✨

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