The Divine Plan

One thing that I do know is that we are all part of a divine plan. I like to call it the grand divine plan because it's like the biggest picture

I don't know what that picture is, I just know that we are all part of it. ✨

We all play a significant but very small role in the whole divine plan. When we die, and we go over to spirit, they (the powers that be) are able to see whether or not we are moving according to the plan or whether we are not.

Literally, everything is a response to what you're putting out. The universe is responding to the frequency that you're sending out at all times. If you're someone who is evolving spiritually or trying to evolve spiritually, then the universe will evolve.

The goal object is to wake up to that awareness as soon as possible once we hit the ground running as a human in our next human experience. For some of us, we’re born with that awareness. Others, it takes a little while to wake up and for some of us, we never do. Everything is happening for you. And everything is happening according to a divine plan.♥️

It is a direct response to what you are asking for and to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Because it's a thing. ✨

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