Speak So They Can Answer ♥️

✨Speak so they can answer

If you're thinking and feeling about your loved ones that have crossed over into spirit, then they are absolutely around you at that time 💕

It's an energy thing. Essentially, if you're thinking and feeling energetical, then energetically, they are thinking and feeling you, it's just an exchange of energy. However, they don't know what you are thinking and feeling. You need to tell them and say it out loud. That's how they know what it is that you want them to do for you. If you just simply are missing them, then say “I'm just missing you”, “I love you”.♥️

If you say, “help me with something”, “show me the way” or “show me the right thing to do” - Say it out loud. Then they know what they need to do for you and they will work out ways to help you.

They will have someone appear and have a conversation with you. They will play a song on the radio, leave a feather or a coin, will have a butterfly fly pass, or whatever it is that you recognize as a symbol from them or assigned from them.

Speak out loud and let them know if it is the guidance you desire, a simple sign that they are there, an answer… whatever may be.

Speak your thoughts and your feelings when it comes to your loved ones in spirit.

Mediumship is one of my favourite things to do. If you are wanting to connect with a loved one on the other side, you can book a Mediumship session with me via Zoom or In-person.

Till next week, live intuitively.