Seen A Ghost?

Seen a ghost?

If you've recently seen a ghost, or there has been some sort of strange happenings at home 😨

There are three things/tools to remember when you see a ghost 👀

1. Clap three times (quite loudly)

It sends out a vibration out into the atmosphere around you. It is impossible for the frequency of the spirit to interact with the energy of the vibration. Clap three times and it will stop them from being able to be there.

2. Get yourself some Black Tourmaline

It is a tiny little black crystal that's quite rough in texture. This crystal only allows the energy that is for your highest good. Place it on the top inside of the architraves of your bedroom door, home door, or rooms you are in that you feel scared.

3. Set yourself into Protection

You could imagine yourself in a onesie of protection of white light or yellow or light gold. Only allowing energy in it is for your highest good. You can simply tell them “go away spirits!”.

Spirits understand you when you speak to them. They will listen.

I hope that helps.

Have you seen a ghost?

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Till next week, live intuitively.