How does it raise your vibe?

The kinds of questions I am referring to are about to become your saviours, your logical and rational besties, your drill sergeants, your cheerleaders... come up with your questions and you will without a doubt 1 UP yourself!

My 9 Questions are a collection of questions I have accumulated over the years, each either saving me from myself or from dreaded doom and heartache (ok, I am being somewhat dramatic but seriously not that far off!).

These questions are simple and to the point. They are designed to shift my perspective, motivate and inspire. No matter what I need, there’s a question there that will prompt an answer from me – I just need to answer it authentically. Ask better questions, get better answers.

Below are my personal 9 questions. There are 9 because this is just how many there are to date, no special reason for there being 9 of them so focus more on coming up with questions for yourself and add to them as time goes by...

1. Can I relabel?

2. Am I making a permanent decision off a temporary feeling?

3. Is my life in danger or not?

4. Does this support my desired outcome?

5. Am I surrendering?

6. Is there someone else who can show up for me?

7. Am I making it too complex?

8. Is it really true?

9. Pivot or change?

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Till next week, live intuitively.