RYV Ritual : Full Moon🌕


How does it raise your vibe?

The light frequency the Full Moon sends out has the power to make the thought frequencies of our subconscious mind surface to our conscious mind, allowing us to release any negative emotions/thoughts stagnant in our subconscious.

The Sun represents our outer world and the Moon our inner world. Our inner world is the emotional self, the subconscious mind which is full of positive and negative impressions, and false impressions. When the moon is full, reflecting the Sun’s light, it illuminates this inner world and stirs up our Ego, which is why many of us feel a little ‘strange’ or different around the time of a full moon. It’s also why at this time we tend to see the ‘crazy’ come out of people – Lunatic/Lunacy comes from Luna.

When we intentionally and consciously bring awareness to what is surfacing for us we can use this awareness to release. Full Moon release rituals are potent healers and that is why we are doing one tonight!

Releasing what no longer serves us, what prevents us from moving forward is one thing. Gratitude for how it may have once served you is the other side of the coin (or moon 😉) and combined, these two gestures are one high vibe hit!

This is also the prime time to gather your crystals and place them out for a bath or ‘cleanse’ to restore their ‘charge’. If you use crystals for their frequency properties then this is a non-negotiable ritual required to maintain their purpose. When a crystal is left without cleansing and charging, they are first of all doing nothing for you and may even become a hindrance, and secondly may break.

Today, to RYV:

  1. I want you to take pen and paper with you wherever you go and keep notes on what emotions/thoughts may surface from that subconscious mind. Use the power in the action of writing to help extract them energetically. You will need this piece of paper for tonight’s ritual 😉

  2. 1 Up yourself during your diaphragmatic breathwork, visualise breathing in Grandmother Moon’s potent white light. Fill up your body with it, hold it for a few beats and ask that any darkness lurking inside be transmuted into white light/love and breathe it out in one big whoosh.

  3. Have either a shower/bath or swim in the ocean. Use the ocean’s sea salt, rock salt, Himalayan, or Epsom salts in the bath the cleanse stagnant and stirred energy. If taking a shower, be very intentional with your cleansing, you can even 1 up yourself here and make your own salt scrub to use. Link on how to make your own salt scrub 👉

Fun Fact

Moonlight is not light that the Moon itself emits. It is in fact the reflection of the Sun’s light. The Moon is actually dull and does not have any light at all! A full Moon is directly opposite the Sun and therefore the face of the moon we see Is entirely illuminated.

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Till next week, live intuitively.