How does it raise your vibe?

Whilst there is some immediate rising in acknowledgment, Stocktake works more for the long term, as a maintenance practice for your vibe.

The practice of Stocktake essentially is really just knowing where you vibe each morning and why/how it is so.

Reconciling before going to bed each night is about comparing your end-of-day vibe to your morning Stocktake and knowing why/how/who/what/when caused the difference (+/-).

So, every morning when we are ready to start our day, do your Stocktake by giving yourself a rating of 1 – 10 (1 being low. 10 being high). Take note, either mentally or journal, of this number and your understanding of how you got to that number. It may have been a restless night’s sleep or a later dinner that you could identify as the reason for feeling on the low vibe side. Or, it could be that you went to bed early or had a D&M with your bestie before bed you identify as the reason for feeling a high vibe.

At night, while jumping into bed, do your Reconciliation. What rating 1 – 10 would you give yourself now and pay attention to the difference. That difference is the key! If you were feeling that low vibe in the morning but come bedtime and you’re up around 8, identify the reason/s you believe this raise occurred. It could be that you got to have a rest during the day or that you went for a walk. This is how you begin identifying the little things you can do to 1up yourself!

If you were feeling a high vibe in the morning and then a low vibe come bedtime, identify the reasons why, if it is easy enough to do, but I recommend just keeping a mental note of the discrepancy and addressing it in the morning. This is how you begin identifying the things that you need to avoid or limit because they lower your vibe.

Stocktake is also amazing for helping us to learn our triggers and how to prepare for them, which I am going to talk more about in tonight’s session.

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