RYV PRACTICE: NUTRITION – Conscious & Intuitive Eating

RYV PRACTICE: NUTRITION – Conscious & Intuitive Eating

How does it raise your vibe?

It’s very simple really, energy in = energy out! Or, you are what you eat. These are simple ways of thinking about vibration when it comes to the foods and drinks we consume.

If you consume something high vibe, your vibration will rise as a result.

If you consume something low vibe, your vibration will lower as a result.

Of course, depending on how often and when these are consumed plays a huge role in it all. As does how present you are when you consume it...

Imagine for a second, eating a huge plate of deliciously creamy, cheesy, buttery pasta. It’s yum, someone made it for you, you are hungry so, overall you’re pretty chuffed with dinner, may even have accompanied it with a vino.

Now, imagine sitting down on the couch after said deliciousness, with a full belly. There are 2 parts to this I want you to feel into – 1. Emotionally and 2. Physically.

How are you feeling emotionally? I’m going to go with pretty well happy and chilled considering I didn’t have to cook, it smelt good, tasted good, my belly is full and I am definitely more relaxed than I was when I got home from work.

How are you feeling physically? I KNOW I have an upset tummy already brewing and I can feel the button on my jeans starting to struggle under the pressure of the ensuing bloat. I feel like I don’t want to move because I am so full and almost in some way I feel lethargic.

Overall, where do you think you are vibrating at the time? It can sometimes help to think of a light emanating from you and describing how dull or bright it is based on how you are feeling overall. I am going to go with a sub-par glow. It’s definitely not bright, it’s not dark either but it’s not a light that I would choose for myself as a standard.

This is a form of subconscious emotional eating hiding in the shadows of most of our lives. It can happen regardless of hunger level but is almost always worse when you are hungry. I feel satisfied emotionally because of the things I said above but physically I am deeply hurting my body, which will in turn cause a flow on effect of a couple of days discomfort, even pain, and then perhaps reaching for medications or alternatives to remedy the issues, etc.

Moving forward, it may help to keep this exercise in mind when tracking how your nutrition is affecting you potentially without you being aware.

Conscious and Intuitive eating is a strategy I strongly urge you to try. It’s much like breathwork in that it connects you to the here and now. You may even discover there are foods/drinks that although you consume regularly, you don’t actually like. You may discover that you are eating too little or too much at certain times because you will be presently listening to your body tell you if it’s hungry or not.

Old cravings usually start to dwindle and new ones begin to form. The old might be sugar or carbs and the new might be protein or fat.

Chakra eating is always a great guide to follow as it focuses on whole foods and their frequencies. If you are someone who works better with a guide or some instructions at least then this is what I recommend.

This is a great resource for this topic

Essentially there are standard ‘high vibrational’ foods that you can add to your diet and use these to 1 UP YOURSELF daily...

Green Leafy Vegetables – Kale, Bok Choy, Spinach etc

Berries – Blueberries, Blackberries and Strawberries etc

Seeds & Nuts – Raw

Tea – Herbal

Water – pH, Alkaline

Sprouts – most bean, seed

Blue Green Algae – Chlorella and Spirulina

Herbs & Spices – Oregano, Rosemary, Coriander, Cinnamon, Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric

One of the greatest tools you can employ for nutrition is to be in the moment with food. This can prove a challenge when we all lead such full lives so one thing I will suggest is to incorporate a little check in with the body during your morning ritual, just to see if there is anything the body is trying to tell you. Act accordingly, but at the bare minimum – 1 UP YOURSELF with the list above.

For the scientist amongst us, here is an interesting article on how food affects your brain:

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Till next week, live intuitively.