The North Star concept works on focusing on your last day on earth. I had this happen to me through a download. So I wasn't considering my last day on earth. But it was in a download that I received this. ✨

“I was sitting on a rocking chair that I had when I was little that when we moved from Sydney to Newcastle when I was six got lost on the move. I don't know what happened but my mum or dad told me it got lost. But it was a beautiful antique rocking chair. I'm sitting on that rocking chair, I have no idea how it comes back into my life or if it's a replica or whatever. I'm sitting on that rocking chair. And I am on the top of a mountain I'm sitting on a veranda and I can't see the house. I know I'm 82 and I can hear all my family. There's chatter and laughter in the sounds of little kids laughing and joyful and playing and grownups talking and glasses clinking and cutlery slamming and music playing.

And it's sunset. And it's a really beautiful sort of twilight time. I'm on top of a mountain and I'm watching the sun go down and the air is so crisp. I'm sitting there and I'm rocking and I have this feeling of blessed for my experience on this earth. I feel like I've fulfilled it. I feel like I served, gave, express, and experience love. I was everything I came here to do.

And what I also know is this is my last time on earth.

It's just all-consuming. It's everything in one.

And I feel it, and then it stops.

And I know I die. I know I die. It's just part of my download as part of my knowing.”

That download was a few years ago now. And my goal is to try and feel those emotions every day. Ever since I had that download, I've called it my North Star. And the reason why I do that is I chase that feeling. Everything I do, everything I create, everything I move towards with my intention, my first question that I asked myself is, does this move me closer to my desired outcome?”

Don't wait.

Figure out what your North Star is. I don't know how many of you are going to be blessed to have downloads where you're shown it. I don't know whether you could feel the emotion that was coming through. But it is visceral. It affects me on every level because it was such a powerful, potent, like, moment in time in that present moment. It's like euphoria. So if you can't have a download, you can do it through meditation, you can just have an idea that you create your North Star.

Maybe you don't want that. And that's totally okay. But have a think about how you would want to feel when you arrive at your destination when you arrive at the end of this human experience

Curious about where you are at? I can help you with a Spirit Alignment session.

Till next week, live intuitively.