Move out of the way.

Move out of the way.

I want everyone to think about this…

You are here to be in the best expression possible, to be alive, to be a lighthouse so that you are such a fine example of the expression of pure love and joy and gratitude and bliss and fulfillment and freedom and achievement and all of those amazing things but also vulnerable and real and authentic and allowing yourself to feel sad and feel angry, you have to be all of that. Be authentic with who you are.✨

If you are authentic, and other people see you being authentic, there is no other power like it.

If you have the knowledge and you're not using it. That is a sin if you want to call it that. That is all of those things. That is denying Spirit working through you and for you and, and because of you. That is denying the truest expression and the fullest expression of spirit.✴️

Move out of your way, move out of everybody else's way.

That is what Spirit said to me that made me change my whole career my whole life. “Get out of your own way this is not about you is to give you talking about yourself thinking about yourself, worrying about yourself. There are other people out there that you need to show up for. Get a move on hurry up. That's why we've been giving you all of this wasn't for you. It was for them. Hurry up.”

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Till next week, live intuitively.