Mediumship - What is it?

Mediumship- What is it?

Mediumship is the ability to be able to speak to our loved ones in spirit who have crossed over to the other side, to the afterlife. To be able to use the psychic abilities to interpret and translate the messages that are coming through.

We also have what we call the Delta brainwave. What does Delta have to do with mediumship? It is something that some people refer to as superconscious or even unconscious. An experience that is quite profound to people who practice deep meditation and are able to take their consciousness to those levels.

The wave above Delta though is the Theta Brainwave. In this brainwave and at this stage, we are able to reach this beautiful space where we can access our subconscious mind.

In the Theta space, you're able to obtain information from the spiritual realms, but what you're also able to do is experience healing, you're able to experience all of the psychic awarenesses like having visions, feelings, you can meet other spiritual realms and spaces, astral traveling, remote viewing, projection. Develop your psychic abilities to improve your experience while you're in your theta brainwaves.

Now if you are not a psychic medium and an average person, where is the most common place to experience a spirit? Kitchen and Bathroom. Why? Because there are energy sources in there. Spirit’s got a secure enough source, they're able to channel that energy to either materialize or speak like in a disembodied voice or even touch things and move things. If you want to increase your likelihood of experiencing a spiritual encounter, or a mediumship encounter, then that's when it will be

However. Not everyone can be a medium, it is an advanced ability that you are either born with or you genetically inherit, or you have some kind of superconscious experience, potentially a coma or near-death experience, that allows your soul to have an evolution into the ability of mediumship. Mediumship is not only being able to see a spirit, but it's also being able to understand and interpret and translate their message, which we use the language of intuition for

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