How To Tap Into Your Intuition

You have an Intuition.

We all do. It’s just that some people appear to be more intuitive than others. This is usually because they tick these three boxes –

  1. They recognise it

  2. They understand it and

  3. They trust it

Your intuition speaks to you in subtle ways, though it’s most common for people to recognise it as a ‘gut feeling’ or a ‘knowing’. Being able to get quiet enough to acknowledge these can require some discipline at first but with some practice, it becomes like second nature.


Meditation (the Universe’s medicine) is the single most effective practice you can do to connect and strengthen your intuition. However asking the boss or the boyfriend to hang ten while you sit in an easy pose for 5 minutes may not work out well for you, so the number 1 way to tap into your intuition while in the midst of your daily hustle is to breathe.


Breath connects us to the present moment and in that moment, we become hyper-aware of our current state of the inner being. Once you have focus and achieved a controlled breathing pattern, immediately feel what your gut is telling you OR you may hear an inner voice guiding you. This is your Intuition. It cannot lie and will not lead you astray no matter how desperately you want to reject its guidance.


Dreams are another way you can tap into what your intuition is telling you, this is because our conscious mind moves out of the way and allows our higher self to take the reign. Keeping a dream journal is an excellent way to see patterns in how your intuition delivers your messages. After a month of journaling, you’re sure to have discovered hidden secrets within and begin to understand and apply them on a daily.


It may seem simple but asking, or praying if you will, for your Intuition to guide you is a sure-fire way to tap into the higher wisdom. The key here is to not miss it when it delivers the guidance. It may come in ways that you are not ready for like in conversation, or an invite, or maybe even rejection.

Living intuitively brings some amazing magic to your life and through these four pleasurable practices, you’ll be referring to yourself as an Intuitive in no time.

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Till next week, live intuitively.