How To Raise Your Vibe ASAP!

How Do I Raise My Vibe ASAP?

Simple... Go 1UP Yourself!

To '1UP' oneself, one simply needs to choose something that is higher vibrational, not the highest.

Often when people are feeling low vibe, they have an unrealistic tendency to want to feel 'back to normal' asap or sometimes even higher than that.

It's like asking yourself to climb to the top of a ladder, ten rungs at a time. It's essentially impossible and emotions quickly surface, even more low vibe emotions like frustration when it's just too much of an ask. Thus, you stay perpetually low vibe.

To 1UP yourself is like asking you to take one rung at a time until you reach the top. It feels safe and certain so there is no limiting belief or room for self sabotage.

There are MANY ways to 1UP but my favourite is music. It's my favourite because no matter how I am feeling, or rather what kind of low emotion I am feeling, there is always a genre/song that will raise my vibe, even if it's just a little.

People can forget the simple things when they feel low vibe like the simplicity of the connection between music and mood as a certainty so it makes sense to reach for it!

Why not create your own RYV Playlist?...

Here's the playlist from last year's Raise Your Vibe Bootcamp to inspire you.

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Till next week, live intuitively.