How Do I Sage My Home?

How Do I Sage My Home?

Sage Smudging is a relatively easy way to clear or purify the energy in your home (or any space really).

With its origins dating way back to the Native American Indians where they believe Sage to be one of four sacred herbs, it's a ritual you can practice whenever you feel you need to.

Personally, I will smudge my home at the change of seasons and then randomly as needed. Times that you may need to get the Sage out could be -

- After any negative or low vibrational event

- After someone passes away

- When things seem to be going awry

- When someone/something has been in your home that brought an energy you don't want

- Before/After exams

- Moving in to/out of a home

- When health is poor

It's the particles in the smoke of the Sage that do the work and it's White Sage that is believed to be the most potent of all the Sage variants.

What you need to Sage Smudge your home:

  • A stick of White Sage (you can use loose leaves too)

  • A heat proof bowl

  • A 'fanner' - traditionally a feather is used (Eagle, Turkey, Hawk)

  • Matches/Lighter

  • A pot of sand

How to Sage Smudge your home:

  1. Ensure the stick is sufficiently lit and smoking

  2. Place the stick in the heat proof bowl

  3. Beginning inside at the entry point to your home, slowly use your fanner to fan the smoke away from you and towards the wall

  4. Moving in a clockwise direction around each room, continuing to fan the smoke out and away from you and towards to wall

  5. As you move, repeat out loud "Please cleanse this space of any energy that is not for the highest good"

  6. Once one room is complete, move to the next room and do the same. Beginning at the entry point and move in a clockwise direction

  7. Ensure that you bring your lighter with you as the stick may need to be relit at times

Take note of any areas that you see the smoke increase or decrease. This can be caused by the oxygen in the air but it also can help you to understand areas that may need a little extra attention.

Don't be alarmed, just spend a little more time in those areas where it decreases, repeating the "Please cleanse this space of any energy that is not for the highest good"

Once I have done the space, I will go to the entry ways and smudge following the direction below, repeating "Please only that which is for the highest good to enter this space".

NOTE: Be mindful of smoke alarms in any spaces you smudge. Be mindful of opening windows and ensure that the space is empty of humans and pets. If you or anyone who shares your space has breathing issues then it's best to either have someone else do this for you and/or give it a good half hour before anyone comes back in the space.

Till next week, live intuitively.