High Vibrational and Low Vibrational Food

I received a message the other day about high vibrational and low vibrational foods.

And if I could talk a little bit about that more, so here we go.

High Vibrational Foods

✔️ They are whole foods.

✔️They are rich in color. It is easy to know if you're eating high vibrational foods if you simply just try and eat the color of the rainbow 🌈 each day.

✔️ High vibrational foods are those that relate to our energy centers or our chakras. Foods that can lift the high vibration in our Root Chakra, our Sacral Chakra, our Solar Plexus, our Heart, our Throat, our Third Eye, and our Crown Chakra.

✔️ They are going to give you a leg up in terms of being able to raise that vibration in that energy center.

High Vibrational Foods :

  1. Root vegetables

  2. red wine

  3. seeds and nuts

  4. Fruits/foods that are orange-colored or yellow-colored.

  5. Green tea

  6. Lemon water

Low Vibrational Foods

✖️ Foods that when you eat, will affect any of those energy centers that might be causing the reason why you are in a low mood 😞

Get rid of these Low Vibrational Foods:

  1. Red meat / white meat

  2. Alcoholic drinks (except red wine)

  3. Dairy/Gluten

  4. Tomatoes

Often our mood is affected by how we see ourselves on the inside and outside and that is our Solar Plexus. And often our mood can be around trust and intimacy and that is our Sacral.

We've got so much that we can do with food if we go high vibe

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Till next week, live intuitively.