Let's talk about DREAMS 🌙

Spirit has over the years given me lots of insight into dreaming and trying to understand and interpret dreams. What I wanted to talk about today is what happens when we dream and what is a dream.

Some people have vivid, colorful, powerful dreams that leave a lasting impression. But some people don’t remember their dreams and may say that they don’t dream.

So what really happens when we go to sleep at night?

🌓 Our subconscious mind kicks in, and our conscious mind, the one that we think with every day, goes to sleep, it checks out. Now, the subconscious mind comes in, it separates what our body physically needs to digest literally through the organs and through all of those energetic processes.

Alongside that process, our highest self, our intuitive and unconscious mind, and spiritual parts come in. When they get together, they consult with the subconscious. The subconscious mind lets the higher self and the unconscious mind know what happened today, or what happened in the last few days. The things that we've essentially absorbed, whether we've heard it, smelt it, tasted it, felt it, experienced it, that have come into our system.

This is what our dreams are, in most part, made up of.

🌓 If you are experiencing dreams that are too crazy, can’t even figure it out, those dreams are made up of things that are likely not yours! Your conscious mind, higher self, subconscious mind, they can't work it out. Simply because the things that you have absorbed during your waking hours don’t belong to you.

✨ Do cleansing, grounding, and protection before you go to bed or before you sleep. Ask spirit to protect you from what is not meant for you and for your Highest Good. This gives your dreams the chance to be what they should be - a way for your Spirit to speak to you, guide, and support you. It increases the chances of visitation dreams and it also heightens your intuition while awake.

Curious about where you are at? I can help you with a Spirit Alignment session.

Till next week, live intuitively.