I wanted to take you through a few definitions of some of the words that I use quite regularly 📔

Spirit ✨

It is either your spirit guides or your higher self. Your higher self is the part of you, that connects you between your soul and your human experience. Your spirit guides, energetic beings that were never human and never had a human experience.

Guides ✨

They are energetic beings that exist from a realm far beyond the human realm and the spirit realm. They represent all of the opposites but remain in balance. When I speak as a psychic or psychic medium, I'm receiving messages from your guides, chatting to my guides.

Universe 🌎

When I refer to the universe, I'm talking about what most people would reference as God, the universe is my version of God. It is the Be All and End All. The Ultimate and the Divine Power. It is the universal intelligence far beyond ever having been a human experience. It is far beyond anything that our human minds can consciously even conjure.

Psychic 🔯

Someone who uses the extrasensory abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairgustance, and Clairolfactance. I am a psychic who possesses all of them. You can be an amazing psychic with all of them. But not all Psychics do. It depends on your experience, your discipline, and your inclination and fear.

Psychic Medium ☪️

Someone who possesses some or all of the psychic abilities, and can also speak to those who have crossed over. The difference between being able to speak and not to speak to those who have crossed over comes down to a few things, but the main one is being the level of consciousness that you can get yourself to. If you can get yourself to a heightened level of consciousness, a higher vibration, and lack of any fear, you can achieve the ability to possess the skill of mediumship. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are medium.

Divine ✴️

Encompasses the energy that the universe sends out for all of us. It is quite a feminine energy in terms of nurturing it and wanting to do it in a kind, compassionate, graceful, merciful way. The divine is an amazing experience to witness when you're in the path of your highest good listening to your highest self. Now to live the path of your highest good, most people will listen to their highest self, their intuition.

Intuition ✨

It is that voice that speaks to us. The ‘feeling’, ‘voice’ or ‘knowing’ - all psychic abilities. If you identify as intuitive, you have psychic abilities at play. This is why a lot of us will say that everybody is psychic, it's just a matter of how evolved your soul is and how relevant they are and how much they influence your life.

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Till next week, live intuitively.