Crystals in the home explained...

Crystals in the home explained...

First and foremost, Crystals are a living thing! They vibrate and grow. Because of this simple fact taking your crystal use seriously is important.

Here are some other facts I want you to know -

  1. Not all crystals are equal. By this I mean that did you know some crystals are man made and some are heated to change colour? For example, not all Citrine is actually Citrine. Depending on the integrity of the process from mining to selling, you could indeed be buying Amethyst that has been heat treated to turn the colour! So, are you actually receiving the energetic benefits of Citrine or damaged Amethyst? Are you actually receiving anything from such a crystal?

  2. The Crystals you buy from the store are mostly from Brazil, Mexico, India and China! Another common place is Madagascar... and if you are not already aware, the mining and digging practices in such places are not safe for the workers and they are essentially enslaving children and women mostly to work in these dangerous mines? So, educate yourself on your supplier and the source because even though crystals are pretty, they have a story that you may be bringing in to your home.

  3. The size of the crystal matters! Having a few tiny tumbled stones here and there really isn't going to do anything but make you smile if you happen to look at them. You need to consider the scale of the room and the use of the room before selecting the right crystal for the space.

  4. If you are not looking after your crystals by regularly cleansing them, then they aren't working for you and will most likely break. Doing a full moon bath each month is all they need to restore their energetic properties for you to get the most out of them.

Ok, with that out of the way, here's the downlow on choosing crystals for your home...

Firstly, you want to get yourself some Selenite! It is a 'harmonizer', transmuting negative and positive energy into a harmonic energy. This is excellent for shared spaces such as loungerooms and dining rooms. You can get Selenite towers and logs, among many other shapes etc, which are the best for these larger communal areas. It is self cleansing which means super low maintenance. Basically you just place it where you want it and wah-lah! Give it a light dusting every so often, no need for a moon bath! You can even use it to cleanse other crystals by laying them on it for a day or two.

Black Tourmaline is a MUST! Get yourself a bulk bag of the small raw stuff and place a piece on the inside architrave of every door in your home. Ask each piece to 'only allow energy that is for the highest good of (whoever's room it is or the family etc) and let it do its job. BT needs to be regularly cleansed and restored so don't forget these babies when that moon is full.

Large chunks of Rose Quartz in each bedroom and around the house is a wonderful way to bring a motherly and maternal nurturing kinda love in to your home. RQ vibrates very subtly so big pieces and lots of them! She is a soft crystal so make sure you don't leave her out in the sun the morning after a moon bath!

Jade is for strength, love, health and abundance! Who doesn't want that for themselves and their loved ones? I personally have Jade plants all around the entry ways to my home and have lots of little tumbled pieces of Jade just sitting in the soil around the pots. It's a great way to bring this wonderful prized crystal in to your home.

My top 3 'beside table' crystals for everyone are -

  1. Amethyst - allows for a stress free rest and also opens up your intuition for some nice dream time

  2. Blue Lace Agate - opens up the throat chakra while we sleep to promote gentle communication with self and others during the day

  3. Citrine - great for the body to restore while sleeping and promotes self esteem and confidence

And finally, I can't forget my new fave Emerald. I recently bought a gorgeous piece from the Crystal Castle and I love it! It's all about wisdom, strength, love and spiritual self awareness. I've chosen to keep it at the entry to my home so we all get a little something each time we come and go.

If you haven't already listened to the recent episode of Turns Out She's Psychic where Laura and I chat Crystals, here's the link ‎Turns Out She's Psychic: Not your average crystal ep. on Apple Podcasts

Till next week, live intuitively.