Crying Girl 💧

Crying Girl 💧

Let’s try a little exercise… Imagine you’re walking down the hallway past a bedroom and you see a little girl sitting on the bed, crying.

What do you do?

Do you ask her why she is crying?

What if she answered “I made a mistake today. I feel really bad. Because I made a mistake.”

What would you say?

You say “that's okay”. Make that child feel better about the situation by maybe telling her a story about a time you made a mistake? Or perhaps help her see the lesson in the mistake?

Either way, you would try to make her feel better about herself yeah?

Now, let me ask you… When did you stop sitting with yourself, asking yourself what’s wrong, helping yourself to see differently, to feel better?

When did you stop being compassionate and kind to yourself?

It's not every day that that little girl is sitting on that bed crying.

Pay attention to her. You give her what she needs. You give her love. You give her kindness and you give her compassion ❤️

YOU are the girl.

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Till next week, live intuitively.