Are you a YES Person?

Are you a yes person?

I used to be a Yes person once upon a time. Why?

✖️ I wanted to be liked and accepted.

✖️ I thought it would avoid judgment. I would just say yes, and either learn how to fly on the way down or figure it out.

When I started to lean into my spirituality

✨ I started to gain more self-esteem and faith,

✨ I started to realize that I didn't need to be accepted by anyone but myself.

✨ I started to read, listen and absorb more about other people's experiences.

Why should you start saying No when you mean it?

✔️ Think of it as your truth will allow the other person to face what they need to face

✔️ It can give them an opportunity to pause and think.

✔️ It might be the final opportunity for them to surrender

✔️ We release our own judgment and control, that's when we start to receive everything that is meant for us in flow.

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