Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel – “Righteousness of God”

The Angel of Forgiveness & Mercy

The Patron of those who Forgive


Colour is Violet


Archangel Zadkiel is usually depicted carrying a dagger or knife and surrounded in the colour Purple.


The Jewish believe that Zadkiel was the Angel who stopped Abraham from killing his son Isaac. Hence, the Angel of Mercy. He is the protector of the West Wind and works with Archangel Michael to protect humans from “Lower” energy.

Lower energy forces are battled by Zadkiel using the Violet Rays which radiate from his wings. The Violet raises the vibration of these lower enegies, transforming them in to high vibration frequencies.

When we are lost in our own self defeating thoughts and behaviours or struggling to forgive and show mercy, it is wise to call on Zadkiel so that he can help raise our own vibration and show us the way to forgiveness and mercy, allowing us to elevate spiritually.

How do you recognise Zadkiel? -

> Purple flashes in the corner of your eye> Deep rooted issues come to the surface and you feel the strength and support to forgive and show mercy on the issue> You suddenly remember it is someone special’s birthday or anniversary, you remember everything you studied for during the exam> You feel like you are on a path of spiritual growth



When to call on Archangel Zadkiel? -

> If you are feeling guilt or shame or your self talk is stuck in negativity

> When you are experiencing memory difficulties or trying to cram for an exam

> Work is just work and you feel like you are in the wrong job or even just lost your mojo

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Archangel Zadkiel