Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel – “The Friend of God”

Angel of Harmony

Angel of Justice

Patron of the Churches

Raguel’s Colour is Aquamarine

In religious art, Archangel Raguel is often depicted with a Judge’s Gavel or Justice Scales. This is because he is responsible for bringing Harmony and Justice to situations or relationships.

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Archangel Raguel belongs to the rank of Angels known as Principalities.


These Angels are responsible for ensuring God’s will is delivered and supervises all other Angels to make sure they are behaving. He delivers the fallen Angels to Hell.


As a Principality, Archangel Raguel also helps to inspire people to become closer to their Faith. Either by introducing prayer, meditation or services that align them with spirituality.

Raguel is the Angel who has the task of sorting the souls from those who are faithful to God and those have sinned.

And so, in more modern religious text he is seen as the Angel who helps people remain faithful the Church. He does this by answering the prayers of those who are faithful and keeping the relationship harmonious between the Church and its followers.

In Jewish and Christian text, Raguel is the second Angel to blow his trumpet. Signalling the escalation of horror on earth as punishment for the sins of the people.

How do you know Archangel Raguel is near?

> He can deliver his guidance in dreams, by introducing new ideas or concepts to help take a different approach to a problem

> When you meet someone new and they bring messages of faith and spirituality, you can assume Raguel brought them to you

> Suddenly feeling the urge to try meditation or yoga or even pray. This is Raguel trying to keep you aligned with Spirit

When to call on Raguel –

> When you are in the middle of an argument or misunderstanding

> As a parent who is at the end of their rope with a difficult child or parenting situation

> If you are experiencing an internal struggle with yourself or your direction

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Archangel Raguel