Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel - “God Is My Light” or “Fire of The God”

The Angel of Wisdom

Patron Saint of Arts & Sciences

Patron Saint of Confirmation

His colour is Red or Yellow

Uriel is usually depicted carrying a scroll or a book. This symbolises his wisdom and knowledge. He can also be shown in artwork with a fire or Sun in his hand, this represents God’s Truth.

Although Archangel Uriel is not mentioned in the Bible, he is referred to in other religious text of all the main religions.

The Jewish and The Christians believe Uriel was the Angel responsible for warning Noah about the floods and that he was God’s messenger to Ezra the prophet. Christians also believe that Uriel is the Angel of Repentance after he rescued John the Baptist from being killed in The Massacre of the Innocents and taking him to his Mother, Elizabeth at the birth of Jesus, while the Jewish believe that Uriel was responsible for ensuring everyone’s Faith to God during Passover by looking for Lamb’s blood on the doors of homes in Egypt.

One very intriguing fact in modern studies of Angels is that Archangel Uriel is identified as the Angel who presides over Tartarus – Hell.


But the most intriguing fact for me personally, is that he is the Angel for Psychics!


Once you acknowledge your higher purpose, and that it stems from a higher power, he helps you find ways to develop your psychic abilities and intuition.

How do you know when Archangel Uriel is near? 


> Uriel is the most serious of all the Angels,

therefore he is not as forthcoming or obvious with his presence unless he means business

> For any of you who consider yourself gifted with a ‘Clair’ you are very lucky if you claim to have interacted with Uriel, for he is very selective and straight to point! So be prepared and don’t expect to feel the warm and fuzzies.

> Usually seen as a Copperish Red/Yellow light out the corner of the eye

When to call on Archangel Uriel –


> When you need help deciding on something BIG

> In preparation for an important conversation

> Uriel will help you with new ideas and study

To receive an
Archangel Uriel