Archangel Gabriel

GABRIEL – "God is My Strength"

The Angel of Revelation

God’s Messenger

The Christmas Angel – this name came about because of her role in the announcement of Jesus’ arrival

Her colour is White or Copper

Known as one of the 3 Angels mentioned in the Bible, she is also revered in Islamic and Judaism sacred text.

Gabriel, who is the only Female Angel, was the Angel who told Mary about the impending birth of Jesus in the Bible and dictated the Qur’an to Mohammed.

The sex of Gabriel is widely debated and always will be. All Angels are actually gender undesignated as they are humanless. However, Gabriel is the only Angel portrayed with a female body shape and flowing gowns. Her hair is curly and she has feminine facial features.

In comparison to the other Angels, who are depicted with tighter fitting costume, strong masculine facial features and body shape. Because of Gabriel’s role in announcing the pregnancies of Mary and Elizabeth, and her physical features in ancient paintings, it can be assumed she is a Female.

She is often portrayed holding a trumpet, representing her role as the God’s messenger and also her role as being the Angel who announced the resurrection of Jesus.

Archangel Gabriel has since been known as the Angel for expectant parents, adoptive parents and those hoping to conceive.


She also helps with Communication, particularly for those in the Arts, like musicians, actors, public speakers and reporters by helping them overcome fear, procrastination and confidence.

How do you know when Gabriel is near?

  • Gabriel delivers messages through dreams, so for example if you have a dream about an opportunity arising, it is Gabriel guiding you!

  • When you suddenly become inspired or feel the urge to take action on a goal you have had for a long time or even a new one, it can be assumed that Gabriel has provided you with this courage to take action.

  • If you ask, Gabriel will be with you during pregnancy, birth and child rearing

  • You see a white/copperish sparkle out the corner of your eye

When to call on Archangel Gabriel to assist you –

  • If you are trying to conceive a child ask Gabriel to help you

  • When you need to find your voice, whether it be for an audition or even a speech, ask Gabriel to give you the confidence to speak with a strong voice

  • If your relationship with your child needs help, ask Gabriel to clear the lines of communication so that you can both speak and be heard

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Archangel Gabriel