Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael – “it is God who heals”

Angel of Protection and Healing

Patron Angel of Travellers and Healers

Colour is Emerald Green

In most imagery Raphael can be seen with

Tobias, whom he rescued from being eaten by a

large fish. Raphael it is said, then takes part of

fish’s gall to heal Tobias’ father Tobit of


In other pictures we see Raphael with mortar and

pestle for grinding medicine. He is not named in

the Bible, although he is referred to as one of the

unnamed angels in Anglican and Orthodox scriptures.

In Islamic tradition Raphael is known as Israfil. While he is not named in the Qur’an, he is specifically discussed in the Hadiths of Muhammad and held in high esteem amongst Islam traditionalists. Raphael is said to have been the Angel responsible for signalling the coming of Judgement Day by blowing a horn sending out a ‘Blast of Truth’. The first blow will destroy everything and the second blow will bring all humans back to life.

In Judaism, Raphael is one of the 4 Angels God created to stand at the 4 corners of his throne. Raphael stands to the rear and guards the tribe of Ephraim in the West.

How do you know Archangel Raphael is with you? -

> Raphael is known to inspire healing alternative and ideas at times when all is lost

> A weight has been lifted off your shoulders because you decided to move in a different direction and now it seems all the stress and anxiety is simply gone

> You see Green flashes of light in the corner of your eye

Call on Raphael when -

> You are feeling stuck or you can’t seem to escape your thoughts and feelings

> If you are battling an addiction

> If all is lost in terms of medical intervention for healing

> When accidents occur where humans are injured

> Think of Raphael and send him with a Ambulance or Medical Personnel

To receive an
Archangel Raphael