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Work with Tracey


1 Hour 

Medium Session

An undeniably gifted Medium,
Tracey has no fear in allowing her channeling of your loved ones to leave you knowing without a doubt that they are in the

room with you. Her attention to detail and confidence in speaking with Spirit means she can communicate with them usually on request and using all of her gifts combined, Tracey can go into intricate detail, answering your questions for closure and peace.


Spirit Alignment

1 Hour  

Spirit Alignment Session

Being in alignment with your Spirit is where the magic happens. It allows you to live intuitively and move on the path that is for your highest good.

This is not a psychic or mediumship session, it's about guiding you to your authenticity using spiritual tools and techniques.

One session can see amazing results.

Psychic Development


Tracey is a passionate Spiritual teacher and loves to share, inspire and motivate those who are ready to expand into their own awareness of the Psychic abilities.

With many different options available to learn, you too can live an intuitive life.

Choose from PDF instant material available NOW or

if you are ready to step it up, join in on one of Tracey's courses.


Keynote Speaking

Keynote Topics include:

  • Mental Health & Spirituality

  • High Vibrational Living

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Speaking Your Truth

  • Modern Spirtualism

  • The Afterlife

  • Empowered Empaths

  • Finding your Authentic Self



Tracey Dimech Australian Psychic Medium


"I had to replay our call only a few weeks ago.

You were absolutely bang on to the point of being scary"

—  Adam, June 2020


Have you listened yet?

Available now on Apple Podcasts, Turns Out She's Psychic is a Q&A style chat between Tracey and her bestie Laura, centred around all things Spiritual.

Laura asks all the questions (hers and yours) and Tracey answers them!


Click here to listen  

bee wakelin, 24/05/2020

Spiritually factual & funny as F#!$

Wen xx, 24/05/2020

Blessed she is psychic

Dyttam, 23/05/2020

Insightful, Witty and Provocative

Tracey is an Australian Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer and Psychic Medium. She has been featured in the Daily Mail, OK Magazine, Marie Claire, Take 5 Magazine, is a regular ‘Believe’ writer for Lorna Jane and is a student of Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Using her psychic abilities she helps people recognise soul lessons, acknowledge, honour and release trauma, belief systems and patterns that have been keeping her clients in contraction. Tracey guides them through expansion, ultimately reaching their potential once in alignment.

As a natural born Psychic Medium, Tracey’s desire to reconnect her clients with lost loved ones to bring comfort, closure and peace comes from a place of genuine compassion and authenticity.

It was through her own struggles with depression, alcoholism, opiate addiction, grief, a Multiple Sclerosis misdiagnosis, struggles with auto-immune diseases and motherhood that she eventually surrendered to her spirituality, healed with Spirit and embarked on the journey of serving others in a way her client’s from all over the globe describe as ‘No bulls**t, and leaves nowhere to hide but is incredibly nurturing and supportive’.

Set to release her debut book this year, Tracey is a passionate and service driven human at the forefront of Australia’s spiritual wellbeing evolution.

About Tracey

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