is always guiding you.
     You just have to want to                             turn the light on"



Tracey here. An author, teacher, keynote speaker, podcaster, intuitive and medium. Among many other things.

I am on a mission to support you on your journey back to spirit and self.


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Affectionately referred to as SINC,
Spirit Incorporated is Tracey Dimech's
academy for Intuitive Intelligence.


It's where you will find short courses to develop your intuitive abilities and
align with the authentic you.

There's mentoring and coaching options, certification programs and experiences.

Some love from SINC Grads...


Mel Stephenson

Never have I experienced such radical change,  in such a short space of time. And never have I felt such deep, cellular change. I am eternally grateful for Tracey and the work she does. You don't even see the challenges coming, but when they do, Tracey helps you unwrap them and decipher them in a safe and supported way.  


George Bancs

Spiritual coaching with Tracey has been an awakening development. Tracey doesn't hold back and will identify and assess roadblocks then provide you with tools to execute strategies that will have you flowing like never before.


Iisa Heinola

I couldn't be more grateful for Tracey and the work that she does. 


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Weekly blog with tools, techniques, motivation and inspiration to support you on your journey.

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The home of Tracey's podcasts which are all about teaching, sharing wisdom and having a laugh!

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I Want To Help You Align with your Authentic Self

My first go at the author thing - Who The F*ck Am I? will definitely help you out! 

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